In the beginning, Unchained Studios was a rehearsal facility for local musicians to practice in San Dimas that has housed some of the greatest musicians from the San Gabriel and other local Inland Valleys. Unchained has always been about helping the local musician, to make them feel comfortable and welcome.

Through the years, Unchained grew with the local scene and together became a staple in the area by the turn of the millennia and started moving it's businesses outside of the walls of it's San Dimas home. Live sound reinforcement was never a fore thought, however, it fit well and the Unchained family ran with it and thus Unchained Sound N Stage was born.

Over the last decade, Unchained has worked with numerous local bars and clubs as well as local FM radio stations KCXX 103.9 and KCAL 96.7. Through working with the local music community, we have enjoyed providing sound from small parties to crowds over five thousand attendees but look forward to providing for twenty thousand and more.

While constantly building our sound and lighting systems, Unchained is currently developing it's own mobile stage trailer capable of touring and other events. The Unchained family is very excited for the coming years and we all look forward to helping you and others with every entertainment need.